()(こう) (ちい)
Chii's human form and regular form.





Chii Nico (仁光 戚 Nikō Chī?) is the most powerful person in 105 Dog Street.

Personality Edit

Chii is protective. She is also ignorant. She attacks people she doesn't like. She is very honest with people, she has many foes.

Relationships Edit

Tawagoto Nico

Chii and Tawagoto love each other. They will hurt anyone who hurt either of them. Chii believes that Tawagoto saved her life. Chii and Tawagoto are protective of each other.

Haruhi Nico

Chii finds Haruhi annoying. But, Chii and Haruhi both love each other regardless of what they think of each other. They often hang out in Chii's secret spot with Kagura.


Chii often gets beaten up by Kagura. Chii often messes with her when it comes to OTPs. They are good friends.


Mao and Chii are good friends. Chii respects Mao's desire to research human bodies. Mao often attempts to research Chii and try to discover her species.

Hazuki Mizuki

Chii trains her every single day. She doesn't understand why she is trying to compete against Akira. Hazuki and Chii are friends. Chii enjoys training Hazuki.

Trivia Edit

  • Chii is asexual.

Gallery Edit


Backstory Edit


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