Chizu Kokoro
小古呂 千図


Love Rivals

  • Ayumi Kawasaki


Chizu Kokoro (小古呂 千図 Kokoro Chizu?) is the maid of Cirno2012.

Appearance Edit

Chizu has short light brown hair and brown eyes. She wears a maid outfit everyday.

Personality Edit

Chizu is quite caring towards others. She tries her best to help solve people's problems, instead of crying when she doesn't do something right, she keeps trying again and again. Chizu can be clueless at times and clumsy like Yori.

In the Community City Edit

Chizu works as a maid in the community city. She usually greets male customers with a "Nii-sama" or a "Master", She greets female customers with a "Princess".

Relationships Edit

Chizu's crush.
Chizu is extremely jealous of Yori's cuteness.

Kisekae codesEdit


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