Conception Fighters is a fighting game made for PC and the Sega Dreamcast console, although the latter was a homebrew by the developer. It will be released on March 23, 2017.



Picture Description Special Moves


Since he knows that tons of users of the Conception Foundation Wikia are fans of him, Doraemon joins in on the brawl.


Doraemon eats a yummy bun/dorayaki and starts going beserk, so beserk, he might try and twist up the opponent.


Doraemon uses his helicopter, and jumps out of the air, trying to make the other player go flat.



After living in a dump for the past 48 years, Wilkins realizes that he has a following, because he is the mascot of a little known wiki, so he thinks he'll get gold thrown at him.

Wilkins Biff

Wilkins drinks his coffee that he's named after, and gets big strong muscles and then goes and tries to squish the other player.


Wilkins, after living in a dumpster for 48 years, has been exposed to radiation, the radiation has built up in him to go invisible.


Bob the Builder

Bob the Builder, disappointed by his new TV show, goes and gets a new job, fixing blank parts of the Conception Foundation Wiki, but with this new opportunity, he can build his muscles back up.

Hammer Toss

Bob, being a builder, can throw an endless supply of hammers at the other player.


Bob has also brought his crane, Lofty along, Lofty can pick up and throw other players.

Igor emote

Igor the Mii

Igor the Mii, the co-founder of Conception Foundation Wiki who usually makes character pages about anime girls in the wiki...but he also is responible for working in some emotes on the chat...which are emotes from the Gaming Stream site "Twitch" as well emotes of...Anime girls. He enters the brawl with ablities of fire.

Fire Shield

He creates a shield of fire, protecting him from any contact attacks for a 10 seconds. Enemies that touch the shield will be set on fire for 3 seconds.

Fantasy Peformance

Characters Puppets that are roughly the half size of Igor attack the foes with magical bullets named "Danmaku".



Keemstar the Gnome enters the duel to dox everybody, but he realizes that everyone there has avast!, so he decides to call everyone niggers.

None, as Keemstar has no ability to fight anyone.

Chihaya Kirasagi

Umi Sonoda's dreaded fanon love rival of the 765 agency. She wishes to be a vocalist, but unknownly entered the duel, presumely due to Wilkins.

Picture goes here Pingy AnimatronicPingy Animatronic is Igor the Mii's best friend, he was invited into Conception Foundation Wikia by Igor the Mii himself. While his love for Nintendo were his own influence, he also really like an anime named "Love Live! School Idol Project" because of a influence from Igor. TBA

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