DeviantArt (previously stylized as deviantART from 2001 until 2014) is an art-hosting website, which like GoAnimate, had some good intention, but unfortunately, some of the wrong people got a hold of it, and make it more of a fetish-dump.

Wall of Shame Edit

beavistv200 Edit

beavistv200 is a most likely grown man who is turned on by inflation and feet (sometimes both in one), sometimes he throws cheese into the mix and makes pictures like of Tweek having feet have the size of his body and smelling most likely like Limburger cheese.

MichealSquishyEddy89 Edit

MJEddy is a man-child who draws in Microsoft Paint, and doesn't improve and seemingly only gets worse. Mostly he does cross-over pictures, but sometimes makes crossovers of characters singing songs that stopped being popular several years ago.


SuperRosey16 is a girl who keeps ruining anime and manga characters by turning them into MLP-style ponies and uses the pathetic excuse don't like don't click to keep doing her criminal activities.


WilliamHow3455 is a 18-years old pedophile.

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