Hikkamori Sato
佐当 鵯哥銛
Hikkamori Sato in Kisekae.


HIKKAMORI LOVES YAOI. YAOI IS HER LIFE. She also rarely goes to school.


Taurus (♈)


Hikkamori Sato (佐当 鵯哥銛 Satō Hikkamori?) is an OC that belongs to Cirno2019.

Appearance Edit

Hikkamori has long black hair, the exact same hairstyle as her sister Hikari Sato. Hikkamori usually wears a black and red blazer.

Personality Edit

Hikkamori is very stubborn and whiny towards her sister. Hikkamori is usually chill with other people and doesn't take her anger on them.

Trivia Edit

  • Hikkamori is based off Panty, from Panty and Stocking.
  • Hikkamori's favorite One Piece opening is 「ココロのちず」 ("Kokoro no Chizu"; also known as "Map of the Heart" in the Funimation English Dub).
  • Hikkamori's favorite One Piece ending is 「エターナルポーズ」.


Hikari Sato
Hikkamori loves her sister but does not like to show it. She will never forgive anyone who hurts Hikari.

Kisekae Code Edit


Gallery Edit

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