Kagura (香羅?) is the teacher of Dog Street High School.

Appearance Edit

Kagura has long light brown hair. She has a loli like appearance and she wears a professor coat with white stockings.

Personality Edit

She is also lazy when she is not teaching. If someone makes fun of her, she throws a loud tantrum. She is extremely hyper, and has OTPs of each class she teaches.

Relationships Edit

Kagura and Mao are best friends, since they have a similar occupation. Although Mao doesn't have any OTPs, Kagura still has an interest in her. Mao and Kagura both like to take a look in student's underwear.
Haruhi Nico
Kagura and Haruhi both have the exact same OTPs. They like to write fanfictions about the students in Kagura's first year classroom.

Trivia Edit

  • If Kagura were to have a theme, her theme would be 「ぽぽたん(はた)でつかまえて」 ("Searching in the Field of Popotan").

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