Miharu Kawasaki
川碕 瞠





Currently None.


Miharu Kawasaki (川碕 瞠 Kawasaki Miharu?) is the cousin of Momo and Ayumi Kawasaki.

Appearance Edit

Miharu wears her hair in TriTails. Her hair is orange. She wears a blue seifuku and orange stockings.

Personality Edit

Miharu often socializes with her classmates. She dislikes perverted things, She likes to play fair. Miharu is secretly violent and insane. She will snap if you question her or anger her. She is very hard to annoy. She doesn't get angry easily, when she does she will go insane.

Relationships Edit

Family Edit

Momo Kawasaki

Momo and Miharu are in good terms. They don't fight a lot. They usually hang out with each other. Momo and Miharu usually spend their time being shrine maidens. They often drink tea together in the woods. Miharu usually protects Momo because Momo is a coward. Miharu thinks that Momo is pure but she is unaware that Momo is a pervert towards females.

Ayumi Kawasaki

Ayumi and Miharu are in good terms. Miharu often supports Ayumi's love life. Ayumi usually helps Miharu study for exams. Miharu and Ayumi usually make tea together. They always go to cooking classes together. Ayumi is aware of Miharu's violent side.

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