Mikiasa Kurasaki
倉嵜 幹麻

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Mikiasa Kurasaki (倉嵜 幹麻 Kurasaki Mikiasa?) is a coward who has a best friend named Hayato Haruto.

Appearance Edit

Mikiasa has short purple hair. Her bangs are slightly messy. She has purple eyes. She wears knee length skirts. She wears plain shirts.

Personality Edit

Mikiasa is a coward. She often gets scared easily. She cannot stand violence. She's scared of insects and reptiles. Mikiasa is usually caring and powerless. After she spawned Misato, she is no longer a coward. Mikiasa is very smart.

Backstory Edit

Mikiasa is an orphan. She doesn't know how her parents died. She was taken in by her relatives,She later left them when she turned 11. Mikiasa was walking around the streets and she found Uga. Who was also an orphan. Mikiasa later bought a American Style House, where she now lives with her ferret Uga.

When Mikiasa entered High School, she was bullied constantly. She met a friend named Hayato, Hayato always protected Mikiasa when she was beaten by bullies.

After receiving some baguettes from Hayato, Mikiasa encounters an anyomonus woman. This woman gives her a note on how to spawn Magical Girls. Mikiasa follows the steps and successfully spawns the Magical Girl, Misato. Mikiasa's life changes after spawning Misato.

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