Minionitis is a disease transmitted by minion memes on Facebook, and minion toys in shops. It was discovered by scientists in 2015, and there is currently no cure for Minionitis. It is very deadly to your sanity and social life.

Symptoms Edit

Known symptoms of Minionitis include your skin turning yellow, growing down to 2 feet tall, your voice growing higher in pitch, losing your ability to speak any coherent language, eating nothing but bananas, possibly losing an eye, losing most of your hair, running around screaming "bee-do, bee-do, bee-do" all day, and multiplying by the minute.

How to avoid Minionitis Edit

To avoid Minionitis is no easy task, you'll have to avoid any shops selling toys, and Facebook due to these being the most detrimental places where Minionitis is spread. If you have to go to these two places, wear metal armor when nearing minion toys and/or minion memes. Most of the people infected by Minionitis are children under the age of 5, or women over the age of 40, so you may want to be careful when nearing any, because they may have Minionitis, which spreads through the air.

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