Momo Kawasaki
川碕 李




Momo Kawasaki (川碕 李 Kawasaki Momo?) is the little sister of Ayumi Kawasaki.

Appearance Edit

Momo has light orange twintails and green eyes with a timid expression. Momo wears a loose sweater that previously belonged to Ayumi Kawasaki, under her actual school uniform. She wears this sweater with a mini skirt with knee stockings and brown shoes. She is very thin and short. Her height is 2'3.

Personality Edit

Momo is a very nice girl and respects all her classmates and upperclassmen. Even though she is a coward, she is very strong. Momo is often timid and doesn't talk to anyone unless they talk to her. Momo has a strong dislike for perverted things and will get violent if you harass her. Momo is a pervert towards females.

Relationships Edit

Momo is secretly in love with Yori and does not admit it. Momo is often overprotective of Yori and makes sure she doesn't encounter any perverts.
Tomoko Yamazaki
Momo is often jealous of Tomoko because Tomoko is much more closer to Yori than Momo is. Momo sometimes feels underestimated by her because of how protective Tomoko is of Momo. They are good friends excluding the jealously. They often feed each other their lunches.
Hikari Sato
Momo sees Hikari as a rival. Momo does not believe that Hikari is asexual. Momo assumes that Hikari is in love with Yori also, when in a secluded spot, they fight each other.
Hikkamori Sato
Momo and Hikkamori are good friends. They have kissed before. Momo and Hikkamori both work at the same store. Momo dislikes it when Hikkamori does perverted things to her.
Ayumi Kawasaki
Miharu Kawasaki
The 2 cousins trust each other very much. They are close to each other. Momo does not know about Miharu's secret.

Trivia Edit

  • Momo is based off Tooru from A Channel.
  • If Momo were not timid, she would probably act like a magical girl.
  • KawaiiTohru thinks Momo's theme would be 「ゆめいっぱい」 ("Yume Ippai"), performed by Yumiko Seki ((せき) ゆみ()).

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