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Sacred Doll is a goddess of the dolls. She is known for bringing peace to The Guardians of the Smash Universe, the Sacred Heroes, and The Guardians of The Brick Universe. She wants to stop Sacred Death from hurting others.

Real Name: Annabel Lee

Likes: Candies, Cakes, Babies, Dolls (Duh!), making Dolls (for both Boys and Girls), Juice, Soda, Cute things, Peace, Love, and Fruits

Dislikes: Forces of Evil, UTTP, Vegetables, Bad things happening to her, going to bed early, School, Beer, Gross Things, Hate, War, and Sacred Death

Voice: Ivy

Weaknesses: Losing Her Head, Getting Ripped,Losing Her Stuffing, Having to Get Put Back Together

The TV Trope(s) for Her: Girly Bruiser and Purty Sue (possibly)

Sexuality: Pansexual

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