This OC is owned by the wiki user Igor the Mii.

Ask him for permission if you want to use the OC for your fanworks (e.g. Fanfictions).

Hanayo render
Seitekina Taiyo
太陽 性逖字
Hentai Taiyo
Seitekina in his school uniform.


Irina Taiyo
Nozomi Toujou




Seitekina Taiyo (太陽 性逖字 Taiyō Seitekina?) is an OC created by Igor the Mii.

Personality Edit

A perverted dandere who can stop being a perv for a short period of time for his friends, and tends to avoid problems. He Jokes alot.

In the Community Plaza fanon Edit

He is one of the students on Community Central High School, and frequnetly seduces Kokona Haruka (Before episode 9) and Eli Ayase.


Irina Taiyo
Twin Sister, kinda struggles to get along with her.
Eli Ayase
Girlfriend, mainly loves her for her bouncy busts. (Get it? Seitekina's a perv!)
Nozomi Toujou
Close Friend.
Yoshi Hiroe
 Best Otaku Friend. (Which probably means best friend.) 

Kisekae CodesEdit




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