Yori in Kisekae.


Stupid Idiot, Drug Addict, Hentai Addict, Game Addict



  • Yoshiro

Yori (より?) is an OC that belongs to KAWAIITOHRU.

Appearance Edit

Yori has light brown hair. She also has light brown eyes. She never brushes her hair and usually has a blank and idiotic face all the time.

Yori likes to wear a blazer instead of a seifuku. She is flat chested and has a flat bum. She is unusually fit and slim and occasionally wears black leggings but usually wears thigh high white stockings.

Personality Edit

Yori is a dumbass. She fails in school and the only thing she can actually do right is technology. She usually hacks school servers and game servers. She has a fear of boys.

Yori has a very low reputation for being rude towards others. She has 5 best friends. Tomoko Yamazaki, Momo Kawasaki, Hikari Sato, Hikkamori Sato, and Miharu Kawasaki.

Yori has strong hate for strict teachers and bossy people. She often talks back to them which resorts to violence and getting sent to Mao's Office.

Yori usually helps with exposing of enemies,She usually hacks their social media account and find some juicy info and spread it on a hacked account.

If you start to know Yori a bit, she will become dumber and dumber..and less rude.

Yori is a Loner and a Air Head.

Clubs Edit

Yori is part of the Touhou FanClub and the Sakamoto FanClub.

Relationships Edit

Best Friend and Childhood friend, It is very rare for them to get into arguments.
Tomoko Yamazaki
Best friends and Childhood friends. The both like the same stuff, yet argue about it. But they still love each other.
Taro Yamada
Yori hates him. Mainly because of the way he treats Ayano Aishi.
Rino Fuka
Yori dislikes her strict personality.
Mina Rai
Yori is the one who spreads the rumors of Rai's liking of Masuta.
Koharu Hinata
Yori always pushes her down the stairs and steps on her.
Hayato Haruki
She does not like him because he is a teacher's pet.
The only boy she's friends with.

Trivia Edit

  • Yori is based off Run from A Channel.
  • Yori is a fan of Sakamoto.
  • Yori has trouble playing Touhou because she has been hacked several times.
  • Yori's favourite One Piece opening is 「ヒカリへ」 ("Hikari e", known in the English version as "Towards the Light").
  • Yori's favourite One Piece ending is (わたし)がいるよ」 ("Watashi ga Iru Yo", also known as "You've Got Me" in the FUNimation dub).
  • Kawaii Tohru thinks that Yori's theme would be (あい)がほしいよ」 ("Ai Ga Hoshii Yo").

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